I just found Circle - Basic Income for all

So i am a friend of Basic Income and i always look at new ideas to make a basic income possible. So i just found circles. Have you heard of it or are you already a part of this platform? What do you think about circles is it worth it?

Investing Strategies for freedome

Hello and Welcome Today i would like to talk about investing in the crypto space. This is only my own opinion. First i have to point out that my view on the space is that we need to start adopting a DiTFi Mindset! It is

Getting close to get my first BEER together.

So the BEER-Coin is a nice way to say, Good Content my friend. I hav not invested in to BEER, i just can not afford to put money out there at the moment - You might know how it is nowadays. This is why i am happy about every bit of BEE

Uniswap Token - UNI Airdrop

So at last Uniswap implemented a token. It is called UNI (Uniswap Protocol Token) so from now on you can earn UNI with your LP-Tokens from Uniswap. This should be valid for everyone who has used Uniswap as a liquidity bevor Sep 2020.

Media Publishing - Where to publish my Stuff?

I have been on the Interwebs for a while now. Decentralized and Open things are the way to go, i think. For Blogging and other micro Services we have some great applications around. But for Video Content i still have not found somthin