630K - It's Mainstream!

I just found Circle - Basic Income for all

So i am a friend of Basic Income and i always look at new ideas to make a basic income possible. So i just found circles. Have you heard of it or are you already a part of this platform? What do you think about circles is it worth it?

Investing Strategies for freedome

Hello and Welcome Today i would like to talk about investing in the crypto space. This is only my own opinion. First i have to point out that my view on the space is that we need to start adopting a DiTFi Mindset! It is

Getting close to get my first BEER together.

So the BEER-Coin is a nice way to say, Good Content my friend. I hav not invested in to BEER, i just can not afford to put money out there at the moment - You might know how it is nowadays. This is why i am happy about every bit of BEE

Uniswap Token - UNI Airdrop

So at last Uniswap implemented a token. It is called UNI (Uniswap Protocol Token) so from now on you can earn UNI with your LP-Tokens from Uniswap. This should be valid for everyone who has used Uniswap as a liquidity bevor Sep 2020.

Media Publishing - Where to publish my Stuff?

I have been on the Interwebs for a while now. Decentralized and Open things are the way to go, i think. For Blogging and other micro Services we have some great applications around. But for Video Content i still have not found somthin

Possible Data Leak - Vote Joe App

This Article shows once again how we have to think about when and with which Apps you schould sync your contacts. Apps nowadays often want rights for thi

Using OSI like a pro!

This article is nice. It shows how not to use #bordingpass on Social

Welcome Post - Engrave

Hello all you Humans out there. I just crshed here and wanted to say hi. I will post usefull Stuff i find on the Interwebs here. This site will be for personal use, so feel free to personaly use the Information you find here. I